We are having a strange problem with our ZEN environment, PXE imaging:

Netware 6.5 SP6, ZEN 7 SP1 IR1 HP1

I have to explain my setup a bit further.

I send sysprepped images to the workstation. On boot, I have a VBS script that unregisters the workstation, renames the workstation (based on a MAC2Name definition file using WSNAME) and finally registers the workstation using the new name. This has always worked fine, from our ZEN 4 day's and also with ZEN 7.

The problem (only with some workstations that presiously had a different name):

When I select take/put image on a workstation object in NDS, it sometimes does not work. The obvious thing is to check zisedit information. This checked out to be correct.

A futher investigation was booting into manual mode and issueing "img auto". This resulted in up/downloading as expected from our NDS workstation obect settings.

Then I took Wireshark to take a trace from these 2 methodes of aquiering an image.

During the manual mode, img auto methode, there is a TCP connection with the server (port 998) where the correct zisedit information is presented to the server.

During unattended PXE boot, after download of dinic.sys, there is a communication to the port obtained bij port 111 communication Getport, where older workstation zisedit information is presented, in stead of the currect information.

As a work-around we boot into manual mode, zisedit -c and img auto based on MAC address in the server imaging policy.

This all indicates that there are 2 places where zisedit information is stored, and that unattended PXE boot retreives this information from another location than img auto.

- How can I check / set the other zisedit store?
- How can I prevent this from happening?
- Any other helpfull information / suggestions,


Thomas Roes