My initial problem was Arcserve jobs would not start automatically but if I simply restarted them after they failed, they went through. I installed all Arcserve 7 latest patches. At the same time I applied Netware 6.0 SP5 because the server was only on SP3.

After I did that Arcserve works beautifully but the "mini crashes" happen
- basically this is displayed at the console "<Servername>(11):"

So I check the ABEND.LOG and it shows TCPIP.NLM having the problem. I have since applied the TCP 610m update and it does not help. I thought it may be BM 3.6 that was causing a problem so I re-applied the BM 3.6 SP2A patch as well as BM35/36 ADM.NLM update. Which made Arcserve not work again so I re-applied NW6.0 SP5 and got back where I was - meaning only the mini crashes are a problem now.

Any help would be great. I can post some of the ABEND.LOG if necessary.