The automatic login to the ZCM client is not working, and I can't get
the user logged in to the ZCM client manually. I am not sure where my
problem is at. This is for a machine logging into an AD server.

On the client side, when the client logs into the AD server, they are
logging into the domain WIU-STU-AD. When the ZCM login page comes up,
the realm shown is (ZENworks Zone is also an option).
Trying to log in as wiustu in the realm gives me an error
every time, but I can log into the ZENworks Zone realm as administrator.

On the server side, the domain controller's name is WIU-DC01. Under
"user sources" I have The configuration of this source
shows a directory type of AD, and connection details show WIU-DCO1 as
the address, with the root context set to the root context of our users.
"User containers" shows /

I wondered if the problem had something to do with the client logging
into the domain WIU-STU-AD, and that not being in the user source
anywhere. However, I cannot select WIU-STU-AD as the address anywhere in
the configuration. I select WIU-DC01 as the server address, and as the user credential. ZCM automatically
fills in as the user container.

What am I missing? Thanks.