I'm been trying to deploy iFolder 3.7 to an OSE 2.1 server, with the main storage area for iFolder
being defined on a NSS volume.

When you use the "Add Data Store" option to create the new data area you get back a message

IMPORTANT:The owner and group for the DataPath on the server must be set to
apacheuser:apachegroup. This is mandatory to create or sync iFolders on this volume.

On a OES install that should be wwwrun:www for the user and group - when the directory
is created on a EXT3 file system it needs to be permissioned with wwwrun:www using chown or
the GUI tools.

For a NSS file system you need to

a) Grant the wwwrun user full rights within the directory using NSS tools
b) For completeness make the wwwrun user the owner of the directory with NSS or Linux
tools - note: you can not set the www group to the directory.

As for why I'm using NSS for iFolder, the main one is the auto compression of the files. As I do
not encrypt the files before they are placed on the server I see about a 40% reduction in the
amount of space required.