I have installed ZEN7SP1 on OES2 Linux and also ran the ZDML_SP1_IR1_HP2_220108 TID HERE and updated the RPMS and still when I try run /etc/init.d/novell-zdm-awsi I get the following error:

'Novell ZENWorks Autoworkstation import daemon has experienced an error'

When I run /opt/novell/zenworks/bin/ZFDStart I get the autoworkstation service as failed.

I believe all the policies are correct as it was working fine on NetWare where I amended these polices to reflect the new Linux Server as I am migrating from NetWare.

I have tried reinstall ZEN and followed this TID, yet still no luck:

Automatic Workstation Import on Linux is not Working

Has anyone else come across this and know how to fix it, so I can get the workstation import service working?

Kind regards,