I'm having an issue with load sharing our proxies. We have 3 configured with BM3.8.5 (including IR1) and experiencing big performance problems with it.

The configuration is/will be when completed:
Our core switch acts acting as a load sharer performing a layer 3 port check on the BM proxies. If it detects traffic heading towards the internet on port 80 it redirects it to the three proxies on port 80.
The three proxies are configured as THTTP boxes with ACLs and Surfcontrol. They also run the AuthDB java process to stop multiple signons.
The client PCs are running clntrust to authenticate and have will have no proxy config when this is finished.

Removing the sharing down to a single server still gives the performance issues.

I'm seeing stuck TCP connections in TCPCON but am using the Novell Internal TCPIP stack from the TID about NW65SP7 and BM and transparent proxy. Is anyone else having issues with THTTP even with this patch?

I previously had this working with BM383 in testing without the authentication side and without the performance issues (I still have an old proxy that I can swap to with this that works fine) so I'm a bit disappointed to find it now fails.

Thanks for any suggestions