I use BorderManager 3.9 with SurfControl 6.01 filter and SurfControl's
Monitoring and Reporting Windows platform.

The filter works fine - it updates, blocks, logs to text files and
everything is great. The Surfcontrol monitoring and reporting platform has
MAJOR issues. The biggest issue is that with BM Proxy users that use the
web-authentication method to authenticate to the proxy, the SurfControl
NWEUM.NLM module that reports username login events does not function for
that method. It only functions for users that use the actual Novell Client.
Even worse, for activity logged (by IP address) for those web-authenticated
users, it logs that activity under the username of the last user with that
IP to login using the Novell Client. So the reporting is completely messed
up. I've gone over this with their support team and they have no solution. I
called Novell and talked to some BorderManager people, and they have no
solution, nor could they offer any other product as a solution.

Is there a solution out there that integrates well with BorderManager's
Proxy, filters, and records ALL proxy activity by IP AND Username no matter
what authentication method is used?? And has a decent way to report on that
data?? I have all the data in the BorderManager proxy text logs but no nice
quick and easy gui interface for reporting on it.

Any ideas would be very much welcome. My goal is to filter content, and have
accurate monitoring and reporting that can be reported on by those not so
tech savvy -- so that my role is simply to keep the system running.