User profiles fail to upload to the server more often since moving to
Zen 7. In zen 6.5 this was very rarely a problem, however since going
to 7 this happens atleast two or three times a week now and it's
getting annoying. It seems that in the profile, some of the created
file paths/objects are too long. Win XP reports an error back 1509
that the file path is over 256 characters long - which it is. The
change that I have seen is that we went from the profile being stored
in "ZENRoam" to "Windows NT 5.1 Workstation Profile". I also see that
it converts the users H: drive back to a UNC path - which explains
the 256 character limit problem. I don't know if that's windows or
the zen agent doing that, but in an case is there an easy fix to this?
Can we change that long profile path name back to something simple
again instead of " Windows NT 5.1 Workstation Profile" ? Any
suggestions other than re-doing the server file structures, or having
to setup another volume (or existing) , create directories and assign
rights just to save the profiles? Any thoughts are appreciated.