I have an odd issue. On my Citrix server (windows 2003, sp1), you can not open certain Word documents if they exist on an OES2 server.

The error is from Microsoft word 2002:

"the document name or path is not valid".


For the error to occur:
1) The file is located on an OES2 server (any volume, sys or NSS).
2) The system opening the file is Windows 2003 sp1.
3) The document is saved with option read-only recommended
4) The user opens the file as read only, not read/write when asked by Word.

The same document can be opened with Word running on Windows XP and Windows 2000 server.

The same document can be opened on Windows 2003 if the document is located on the Windows server or a Netware 6.5 server.

If the user opens the document as read/write (normal), the error does not occur. It was reported that some users do not get the option to open the file as read\write.

The errors seem to have started about 10 days after we started using our OES2 server.

Any Ideas
Phil J