I got home from GWAVACon only to have my truck decide to be made at me.
First it got stuck in the snow (and it wasn't much, just a few inches).
Then it decided to not allow any wheels to spin when in 4WD, then it
decided to move only one wheel in 2 wheel drive, but I finally got it back
into the garage.

So it looks like at a mere 313,000 miles my 18 year old Ranger now needs
one (or possibly all) of the following:

New transfer case
New linkage
New differential
New manual locking hubs (it is a bit old after all)
New manual transmission

My hubby wants to make it an artifical reef and I want to fix it. It's
cheaper than a new car or truck at any rate, and it is rather hard to drive
a Mustang in snow that's more than 3 inches deep.