Monday I came in and the server was very slow and we were getting 100%
utilization and it would stay at 100% for 10-30 seconds and then bounce
back and forth for a while then stay down under 10% most of the time. It
seems every couple of minutes or so it does that. I rebooted the server
and all was fine until this morning and I have the same thing. The only
changes at the server are some .cfg file tweaking of Backup Exec files
trying to fix the OFM problem we have with that and has been ongoing
since the SP7 upgrade. It appears OFM is unloading at the time the
backup kicks off and open files get skipped. That aside we have had
several network changes including adding an Active Directory server and
both the Cisco Security Manager software server and Cisco Network
monitor software server. I don't think that would make a difference but
you never know stranger things have happened the Cisco WAAS clobbered
the Netware server until we found a work around so I'm listing it just
for protocol.

I have seen that folks have been told to use monitor, kernel, threads
and look for the offending thread(s). What exactly would I be looking
for? I have 2 gigs of ram in this server which has been working fine for
3 years so although more memory may be a good thing I don't see the lack
of it being the culprit over night. It could be a GWAVA 4 update. But
what am I looking for? Also I have seen were Remote monitor is better
for this mission but what exactly do I chose and look for using that?

As always all help is greatly appreciated.