I am currently running NW6.5 SP7 with iManager 2.7.

I am looking at merging 2 of our trees and found that Novell is now using iManager to perform this function. I also have read about tree grafting.

So, I guess my questions are as follows:

1. Should I be performing a tree merge or a graft? what determines when you do one over the other?

2. Has anyone performed a tree merge using iManager and are there any foibles? I do have notes about prepping my trees before the merge and I have performed merges in the past. These servers are running identical service pack levels and all other patches.

3. When merging trees, I know I must merge master replica to master replica but should I disable all other replicas before the merge? Also, my target tree contains more than one partition. Is that a problem?

Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

Steve D.