I'm running ZW 7SP1_IR1 on NW6.5SP. I auto-import all my workstations into
one container, as my tree layout doesn't really let me put them anywhere
thats geographically logical. I was leaving them all in one big flat OU and
making groups. I decided to move them into sub-contexts, organized by
geographical location.

I was under the impression that when you moved a workstation object, it
added an entry to the containers attributes that tells the workstation where
to go when it looks for the object next (a pointer of sorts).

I see a ton of them listed under the containers "Other" tab, but they don't
seem to be doing their job. Objects that I have moved into another container
are re-imported into the original location shortly after I move them (when
workstation reboots or whatnot)

Am I doing something wrong? Should I just be able to move the WS Object with
the Zenworks plugins installed for C1?