I recently applied g2656up2, and nw65sp7, and have been having issues w/ c1. Now, I can't get it to run at all w/ the gw snapins, and can't administer the gw system.

found a doc that said that the gw656up2 had "extra" files that needed to be removed, so I did that. made no difference. uninstalled c1 from my workstation completely...downloaded the latest c1.exe (1.3.6.g) and installed that...re-installed the gw snapins...same issues.

running c1 in debug mode, I get this:
"warning: improper snapin registration or installation has been detected...."

"developers of the following snapins need to correct their snapin registration or installation asap..."

then they go on to list the offending snapins: all the new gw ones.
source: c:\novell\consoleone\1.2\snapins\groupwise\gwadmin config.jar - Problem: no registrars"

stuck. now what?