I would appreciate some help fixing a couple of problems I have.

Goal: Working to install OES2 Linux base and then put a copy of Virtual NetWare on it. Need NW6.5SP7 w/about 500GB NSS space - will be replacing a stand alone NW6.5SP3 system.

Platform: Intel dual core (with VT64 enabled), 4GB RAM, Adaptec controller w/750GB hardware RAID 5. Controller driver is native in SLES10SP1 so I don't have to add any drivers.

Procedure: Installed SLES10SP1 w/ XEN option, configured system and rebooted choosing Xen. Went into YAST2 and chose Xen admin from System option. Note: Only one icon was there, not what I had seen before where 2 icons showed up in Yast2 . Full drive is formatted with EXT3

Problems: When I started the Xen guest installation the screens did not match that in the Novell Virtualization Technology - Guest Operating System Guide (10SP1) Aug 13 2007. The system didn't find the NetWare 6.5SP7 disk in the DVD drive so I pulled in the file from the Novell web site. After a "lot" of thrashing I satisfied all the needs and the install started but failed with a "Cannot Start the virtual machine".

All advice greatly appreciated.