I am currently having a problem logging into an OES2 Linux server either
from the console or via ssh or VNC. When I attempt to connect using VNC, it
allows me to authenticate, but never brings up the GUI login screen. Using
SSH, it accepts the root login, but never returns a prompt. From the
console, when I switch to one of the tty terminals, it asks for a login and
accepts it (apparently), but also does not return a prompt. If I try it
from tty1, it does the same, except the that it gives a login timeout after
60 seconds. When I try logging in through NRM, it brings up the login screen
and accepts the password, but then goes off into never-never land (endless

I can, however, login to iManager on the server, and logging in with the
Novell client works fine, including mapping drives.

Any suggestions on how solve this dilemma? I really hate to mash the on/off
switch to reboot the server.


Dennis R. Crowther, CNE