I just created a new NW 6.5 SP7 server so by default it has eDir 8.8
SP2. I also updated the server with WSOCK6N, NWLIB6k and TCP681j
(using the TCPD files). I then installed BM 3.9 using the
NBM39_GMC.iso (the VPMaster is version 8.00.08 dated Feb 9, 2007 and
VPMON is version 1.02.10 dated October 8. 2003). I set up the server
just like my other VPN server (NW 6.5 SP5+ eDir that is

I assigned different IP addresses and the VPN tunnel to instead
of like my current server. I used iManager (version 2.6) to
install the default filters.

I'm able to authenticate to the VPN server and make a connection
(viewed connection using NWAdmin and see the VPN is up and Client
connection is active). However, I'm not able to log into my network.
I can't ping in from the client PC to the network.

I can ping into the network from the VPN server and all my services are
up and Directory services are active (viewed using DSRepair - Timesync
good and Sync Status is OK).

Any ideas????