I'm reposting this because my choice of subject attached it to an
earlier thread that seems complete, so I don't know that it will be seen.

NW6.5SP6, NBM3.9, DNS/DHCP running on the netware box for local DNS and
forwarding to our public DNS servers.

I'm trying to debug a problem that my users are having with onelook.com
which we use frequently for definitions of words.

The problem is that in the last few weeks, onelook.com sporadically
times out and doesn't load (just gets the Explorer or Firefox "page not
found" message, no proxy messages).

When this occurs, users have been using web1.onelook.com and that works,
even if onelook.com is timing out at the same time.

Both web1.onelook.com and onelook.com resolve to the same IP address,
and using 3DTR to do simultaneous traces to both destinations shows
identical routes and behavior along the routes.

I suspect this may be a proxy cache issue, but I was wondering if the
above made sense from a DNS point of view?