I am migrating a NetWare 5.1 server to OES (SP2) NW 6.5 (SP5). When I get to the end of the Begin NDS/eDir Migration phase where all that is left is to down the destination server so it can assume the new identity, I recieve a message that errors have occurred. When I review the error log, the only errors are that the log file sizes are not the same. The server restarts nicely with its new identity, but SCMT will not move past the error screen. I've restarted both the server and the workstation to no avail. When I try to resume the project, I am prompted to authenticate toi the temporary tree which no longer exists.Servers are virulaized and I have the pre-migration snapshots but I've repeated the process again with the same results. This is a test environment so it's not time critical, yet, but my frustration level is rising. Any help will be greatly appreciated!