I've been bashing my head against the wall called NetStorage for a few weeks
now. The problems I'm having are these.

NS works fine for a while (2 hours, 6 hours, 1 day, 5 days) but then I can't
download, upload, get properties on a file, copy, paste, rename etc. There
could also be combinations of these problems.

A restart of the services (tomcat, apache) will sometimes fix it. A restart
of the box will sometimes fix it. Maybe more than one restart is required to
fix it.

Initially I had two servers (both virtual) NW65sp6+ with no replicas, only
serving the NS pages. After a couple of days they started displaying the
problems I listed above. Thinking it may have been something to do with not
having replicas or required objects locally, I installed NS on a physical
box which held RW of all partitions and also held the File storage locally.
All worked fine for about 6 hours but then the problems occurred on it.

I have just patched one virtual box to sp7 and after the reboot (aside from
server.exe not copying correctly) all appeared to be fine. 3 hours later I'm
getting upload, download, rename, copy problems.

My virtual boxes have 2gb of memory (monitor says I have over half left) My
physical box has 4gb of memory with over half left.

I'm not seeing errors on the logger screens.

I have created a restart script to give the services plenty of time to exit
and restart but this doesn't always fix the problems.

below is the script...


delay 10

delay 60


I can see other people having similar problems but so far I'm at a loss as
how to resolve them at my site.
I'm losing hair at a great rate.

Any ideas would be appreciated.