Bordermanager 3.8 SP5 simple HTTP-proxy is running on Netware 6.5 SP7
(private public behind a router ( with one public ip from ISP.
Just the "Simple Two-Interface, One IP Address Configuration" described in Craigs book.
So far no problems.

Now I had to switch the default route to a new router IP (with a public IP from the new ISP). I changed the default gateway with INETCFG and restarted the server but it just does not work. Users cannot access to the internet via proxy.
The proxy sends all its http-requests still to the old gateway .111 instead to .115. - only DNS goes over the new router.
Bypassing the BM proxy works fine too, so I think the connectivity is ok.
Are there any other changes needed in the BM configuration (except filters) ?
How does BM recognize the new default gateway?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Peter Duennebeil