I have an issue whereby i am trying to re-structure the shared folders on the data volume of our netware 6.5 server.

As it currently stands users are obtaining their rights from container level all the way down.
The current data folder structure has a large amount of levels of sub-folders, i have tried to insist that this should be allowed but am ignored.

So the users are able to see from the top level folder all the way down, i am trying to implement the use of groups where by the users would obtain the rights to that specific folder - keeping it consistent with names being the same for both the Group and Folder name.

How do i allow them to Read, Filescan, write, to files, but DO NOT allow them to CREATE folders which will prevent them from causing more problems by creating more sub-folders and then rights to those folders would be seen from the top level and only a selected group should see this folder.

Any solution around this??
Creation of files/ or modify files
NO Rights to CREATE folders