Our school system is evaluating an X300 device from NComputing
(http://www.ncomputing.com/ncomputing...cts/direct.php). In short,
it allows one to add keyboards, mice, and monitors to a PC so that it
may be used by more than one person at a time. Although a great
potential money saver, we're running into a problem with BorderManager,
as I anticipated.

The problem is with proxy authentication. Each terminal has the same IP
address as the host computer. Single sign-on with clntrust is
apparently not an option because the first person to authenticate on any
of the terminals on a host authenticates all of them.

I've discovered BorderManager's "Terminal Server Authentication"
feature. The page at
describes the authentication process on BorderManager 3.8, which we are
still running. I've also read Craig Johnson's notes on the subject at
http://www.craigjconsulting.com/proxycfg.html. The problem is that for
our students and staff who have come to expect seamless and transparent
single sign-on over the years, this Terminal Server Authentication would
be very crude and inconvenient.

Has TSA changed any for the end user on BorderManager 3.9? Is it still
as crude, or has it been refined? Do we have any other options to
provide a simpler proxy authentication for use with this X300 system?

Jim Wagner