GroupWise 7.0.2HP1
GMS 2.0.3
Samsung SCH-i760

I've been fighting with this specific user's phone and syncing for a week now. Originally, user was getting emails but no Calendar entries. After deleting the user account and doing a hard reset on the device, nothing syncs. Logs show the device connecting but no updates are found, even on an initial "Refresh" sync. Everything shows "(no changes)".

Interesting thing to note is that the Back-end Connection from the admin console does not show this user in the "Users currently hosted on [IP address]". The account shows as active and, as far as I can tell from logs, is authenticating to GMS at least.

Like I've mentioned, I've already hard reset the device and removed/re-added the user account on GMS. I'm at my wits end at this point.

Any help would be great.