So what is the awful truth about the demise of NetWare ?
Is there any chance of a NetWare 8 or equivalent ?
We continue to install new NetWare servers and it was nice to see the release of NW65SP7.
Obviously we plan to use these new NetWare servers for at least another three years, preferably longer.
But what about support ?
Is it really just going to dry up in 2010 ?
Surely there will be a very significant number of NetWare servers that will still be operational in two years time.
And there are lots of customised utilities we've all generated over the years that we just can't afford to ditch.
A familiar and friendly installation procedure providing a seamless upgrade to the new Linux platform, with all our usual admin tools and interfaces still available, would have been nice.
After all most of us don't need to know or understand the coding behind it, and we don't have the resources to embark on yet more training.
But without a friendly and undemanding migration to Linux procedure, many NetWare installations will surely become Windows installations, just because Windows is more familiar to us than Linux and is therefore perceived to be the simpler option.
I find this very distressing and I'm still undecided whether to move our all our clients to Linux or Windows if/when NetWare dies.
Anyone have a magic answer ?