Will System Updating 10.0.2 work at all? Has anyone done it on W2K3
from 10.0.1?

I have probably had every problem there is with this.
First 10.0.2 got stuck "Syncing (25%)" with another patch
"PMR20070907h" (this patch was unknown to me, maybe a leftover from
the customer).

I cleared the update and it got stuck syncing again, this time with
patch 10.0.2 only.

I applied TID#5007725, and did it all over again. Then i got stuck
"Bundling (0%)".

I tried TID#3324521, but that made no difference.

I tried TID#3985692, but those files are not in my conf/loader folder.

Now I will try rebooting (again) and clear the update (again) and see
if that helps.

On the positive side, we are not in production due to errors in
10.0.1, so no one is affected :-)

I would'nt do a manual install, because it would just postpone
problems to the next patch. But I might give up on this.