a rug se gtk gives me:
| Mandatory Bundles | SLES-10-x86_64-SP1-Distro | gtk-devel
| 1.2.10-907.11 | x86_64

sles10buildhost:/usr/src/packages/SPECS # rug in gtk-devel
Resolving Dependencies...

ERROR: Dependency resolution failed:
Unresolved dependencies:
There are no installable providers of gtk-devel
Marking this resolution attempt as invalid.

So the search tells me there's a gtk-devel package, but trying to
install it fails horribly :(

The source, is the sles10sp1 iso's put in a bundle on the zenworks
server, using zlmload.

I looked in zmd-backend.log and it says (among many other things):
2008-02-12 14:19:37 <1> sles10buildhost(2651) [solver]
Resolver.cc(resolvePool):1137 1. failed queue:
2008-02-12 14:19:37 <1> sles10buildhost(2651) [solver]
ResolverInfo<NOT_INSTALLABLE_PROVIDER> >>gtk-devel-1.2.10-907
..11.x86_64[Mandatory Bundles] provides gtk-devel == 1.2.10-907.11, but
it is uninstallable. Try installing it on its own for more details.<<,
Trigger: none

Any ideas as to how I go about resolving this? I was installing
gtk-devel on it's own :(