I installed a new tape drive Dell PowerVault LTO-3-060. I am running Netware 6sp4 Backup Exec 9.1. BE doesn't see the new drive but list devices in Netware shows:

0x0001: [V025-A0-D0:0] TEAC CD-224E K.9A [CD]
0x0009: [V651-A3-D0:0] DELL RAID Device 0:00 rev:1.0 [HDD]
0x000A: [V651-A1-D6:0] Unbound Device Object
0x0014: [V321-A9-D6:0] TANDBERGTS800 0362 [TAPE]

I have reinstalled Backup Exec and installed the lastest driver build from BE and restarted Backup Exec with no luck.

Any help or direction is appreciated!!