I want to upgrade my Zen for Deskltops from Z4.01 (on NW5.1), to Z7.1 (on NW 6.5), but I also want to change to a newer server with a different IP. All Zen functions are on the same server (middle tier, sybase inventory, import, etc). Simple flat IP structure with the new number and server just a few digits off. I am tring to determine what isues I will need to deal with and the order of change. I have the new ZEN server in the tree running NW6.5sp5 (but that can be removed and changed). The old NW5.1 server needs to stay in place since it runs my Arcserve backup system (but it's IP can change if easier). I guess I am looking at help in identifing areas I will need to address in the change. Thanks.