Hello all,

I've migrate two Novell servers, one fileserver and the other is a bordermanager. In the old situation administrating the bordermanager with NWAdmin was really good and fast (NW6 & BM3.7). In the new situation, NW6.5SP6 & BM3.8.5 it's very, very slow to administrating the BM with the plugins in the NWAdmin program. When I click on the Bordermanager Access Rules tab it takes about 90 seconds time before I see the rules.

I know the Bordermanager is searching for Licenses first before showing up the options, but 90 seconds is way too slow.

Our Tree:

---Localization (NL)

Is the bordermanager searching the licenses from the top off the tree and that's the reasen the tabs are very slow responding? So yes, is there a trick for searching for licenses in a specified context? I hope so.

Thanks in advance!