A few questions from a Linux dummie (still on OES Netware)

If you have OES2 with SAMBA, does Windows clients believe they connect to
Windows servers?

Does SAMBA emulates a Microsoft Active Directory inside eDirectory?

What will Novell Services for Windows (does not remember the right name)
coming with OES2 SP. provide?

Any caveats of not having Novell client in the workstation?

We may unfortunately need a MS AD for some application and it seems that
having two directories may not be an option.

Is it possible to migrate a MS AD network into eDirectory with small effort
today? I mean so there is little to no change in the Windows clients but we
still mange them through eDirectory? (e have to take care now of the
IT-systems of our schools and one of the has a small MS-based network with

Help with be greatly appreciated. I have read some of the documentation but
I realise I need answers from someone who really can/uses the stuff.