I'm the administer of the root of the tree and the servers that provide
campus wide services for our University. We have many departments with
dedicated technicians who have authority over their own containers. We
were asked to implement the Storage Manager Engine on one of our campus
servers as there were several groups on campus who wanted to use NSM but
you can only have one Engine per tree. Now that I've got it installed
and running I don't see any way to delegate authority to container
administrators. It seems that anyone logged into the Management
Interface gets rights via the NSMProxy users (supervisor to root) and
can administer all servers and users in the tree. This would make us
have to choose between two bad options: 1) Take on storage
administration for the entire campus or 2) Give all departmental admins
full campus wide access to NSM. Is there any RBS equivalent for NSM
where I can delegate rights only to specific containers for specific users?