I am trying to test migrating DHCP services from NetWare 6.5sp6 to OES 2 (Linux kernel).

Is there and easy way to port services from NetWare to Linux or better documentation somewhere? Or am I better off just deleting the current DHCP configuration and starting fresh through iManager and after I convert each server that provides DHSP services?

In my test environment setup I am trying to test and document migrating a NW6.5sp6 servers to OES 2..

My server just provides iprint, DHCP and ZFD services. My plan is to install a new server OES2 server in the same OU and then migrate the services and then remove the old 6.5 server.

So in my test OU I have 1- NW65 server running DHCP and tested it with a workstation. Then I install a new LX server running OES2 and I want to migrate the DHCP services from the NW65 server to the LX-1 server. I am following the documentation found in the Novell Open Enterprise Server Linux Administration guide where is states I can use the Migrate Novell DHCP server utility on the OES2 server but it always fails.

It seems I can only configure DHCP using iManager. The java Novell DNS/DHCP Management Console does not see my Linux DHCP server that is created during the OES 2 install where under Novell I select I want DHCP.

I can get DHCP services to work on a OES2 server , just can not migrate existing DHCP configuration from a NW6.5sp6.