I have had a couple of clients notify me of constantly recieving 0xd101 errors while using messenger 1.0.1 on WinXP Pro SP2 machines. I looked at one today, and simply restarted the process and all seemed to work properly again. I read in another post that this was a generic error, but never saw a resolution to the problem the poster was having. The client today would get the error after trying to send a message to another contact. The message was never sent either.

Also, I have another client that, for some unknown reason, can not rename contacts, or add any contacts. He can send/recieve messages just fine. I'm thinking it is a problem with his machine itself do to also having some trouble with the zenworks install on his machine., but I haven't been able to get to the machine just yet. I have checked permissions in Console One to ensure that he was not restricted in addin contacts, etc. and he is setup exactly like all other users who have no problems completing these tasks.

I'm worried the two problems may some how be related. Any one ever seen this? Thanks!