We are experiencing something I have never seen before! Although its not a true hang or abend, the situation is troublesome enough to qualify as a problem so forgive the post location if it is wrong.
We have a user who is on a WinXP-SP2 system. She saves data to an NW65SP7 personal drive mapped to J:. Although she says she did not do anything strange, she *did* say she was playing around a bit. Now, from her station logged in as her she cannot see ANY folders and some files are also missing. When I review her home directory from MY PC I see the same situation: some files are there but all directories are gone.
Now here comes the real odd part. I have researched things like hidden directories, etc. I ran an ADS streams checker without anything becoming visible or flagged. I next went to the server console and ran Monitor. Yes, they are there and visible under File/Lock activity. Now, lets experiment. I create a new directory, call it 123. I see the directory. Exit the location then come back. The directory is NOT visible. Go to crteate a NEW directory withthe name 123 and I am told there is one already with that name. Turn on all file view options in explorer (hidden, system, etc). Still nothing. OK, fire up the trusty DOS prompt. Go to the home directory. DIR shows nothing just like explorer did. Do a "cd 123" and the prompt now shows "j:\123->". The directories and files are all there but for some reason something she did has caused any folder or I think anything updated to become invisible, not hidden. I have checked all the simple things. I have run dir /ah, /as all without success. This is an NSS volume and is the ONLY user with a problem here.
Can ANYONE give me a path to follow on this issue? I have searched high and low, google and NKB without anything that makes any sense or applies. As I said, the closest was the ADS streams but no file seems to show any of the naming structure that specifies.