I have installed the Linux version on a Suse server and setup as defined in
the instruction (I believe), but when I try to test on a Motorola i930 phone
I get the following errors. I opened ports 80, 443, 3201 from the outside to
the server.

Accessing the url http://<server>/install starts the web page and I enter an
ID and password, then the time screen and then I get a screen that I can
either enter the phone number or install directly

When I enter the phone number I get the text message with the url. I can not
select or click on the URL and I can't find the "=" to type in the url

When I choose the install direct option, The cab file downloads and
installs. The next screen asks for server, ID and Password. I enter the
authentication server name, user ID and password. When I continue I get the
following message.

A Secure Connection could not be made
Check your connection setting or contact
your system administrator

when I continue from there I get the following message, but I believe it is
just a message based on the first failure
Authentication Failed, Please try again

Any help would be appreciated, not sure if it's a phone issue, something on
the server or firewall.

Daniel Koepke