rsync 2.6.8

On an OES 2 Linux server I mount a Netware volume (ncpmount) that is the destination server.

All volumes are NSS.

Some files are renamed in the destination volume.

For example :

(/media/backup is the NCP mount point )

rsync: rename "/media/backup/USR/SYSTEM32/.AUTOCHK.EXE.xDMw7T" -> "USR/SYSTEM32/AUTOCHK.EXE": Permission denied (13)
Why only some files? Why rsync try to rename them? Why Permission denied? The script is launched with root. The Netware volume is mounted with a user that has all rights on the volume.

If I rsync from the source NSS volume locally (on the etx3 fs), then the problem does not occurs.

Another thing is that the timestamp is not correct on the destination server, but only for some files! These file are one hour less in the destination server.

Here is the parameters I use with rsync :

rsync -v -t --delete --exclude=$EXCLUDE -e --ignore-errors $SRCPATH $DSTPATH >> mail.txt
Tanks in advance!