We have a virtual workstation that was running on an ESX 3.01 server. We migrated this workstation to an ESX3.5 server, and upgraded the VMWare toos to the VI3.5 version.

We had to migrate the VM back to the ESX 3.01 server. When we did this the VM was unable to login using the client 32 v4.91 SP4. The message appeared that the connection was reset by the server. I could select the tree but not browse any contexts.

I could login to workstation only, and verified that i had succesful IP connection, also SLPDA etc were all correct. I could use internet explorer to browse the intranet, so there seemed to be nothing wrong with the connectivity.

Eventually I had to remove the VMWare tools from the 3.5 version and had to renstall the VMWare tools from the 3.01 version to get the client 32 working again.

What is client 32 doing which is causing the VM to fail with the vi3.5 vmwaretools installed, that is causing it not to function running on a esx3.01 server, whereas all other IP connectivity is working fine ?