I have installed ZENworks 7 on a Netware 6.5 SP6 server. It is running the Inventory service and I am trying to use SQL as my database. I have followed the Novell documentation to a "T", but the database is empty. When I type startinv on the Netware server I get "Error 622:Unable to get information from the database". I have created a SR with Novell support, but so far they have been no help what so ever. They don't even seem to know if this setup is possible, yet how to do it. They asked me to run a SQL trace using the user in ConsoleOne, and to check the user's default database. When I asked them what user is that supposed to be, because the doc doesn't mention any user, they said that they don't know and will have to check. Nearly 3 days later I am still waiting. Does anyone have any experience with this?