I have just completed installing Conferencing on SLES 10 SP1.

We have had a Teaming install up and running in a production environment on Windows 2K3 R2 Server.

I downloaded the Conferencing client from our Conferencing server (http://<hostname>/imidio/downloads/conferencing.exe), and the download and install worked without any problems. The Conferencing Sign On dialog inserted the server's XML Router IP automatically and inserted my Novell username and password as well. There was nothing in the "Meeting PIN" field (and there are not any meetings setup at this point).

When I clicked "OK" to login to the Meeting Client, the "Connecting" dialog showed it was trying to make a connection, but then the display in that dialog read:

Session error:
Error: -992
Connection lost.

Looking over the documentation (Novell Conferencing Server Installation Guide 1.0 - dated October 24, 2007) I noticed that the initial login can also be "admin / admin", so I tried that, and I get the same response as above. Another item in the documentation that was not correct was that I am instructed to click on "Advanced Settings" and then check the box for "plain text authentication" to enable LDAP Authentication from the Conferencing Client. There is no such check box in that dialog.

At this point I do not know what the next step is in order to enable Conferencing Clients to connect to the Conferencing Server. I put this question out to all of you for assistance, and I appreciate your help in advance.

It is also entirely likely that I missed something in the reading, so I am headed there now to try to find the answer as well.