Having trouble figuring out why we have lost the ability to route
some Internet sites. Google times out unless sb.google.com is specified.
Even after getting there that way, unable to then get news in Google.
Can get Yahoo pages, but cannot search. Pretty much everything else
works just fine, but most of our browsers originally were set with
Firefox/Google home pages (since altered to MSN or sb.google.com)

NetWare 6 and BM 3.8 which an internal IP set as Public goes to a
SonicWall firewall. Another internal IP on second NIC of BM is the
Private. IP Forwarding is 'Enabled - Router'. LAN Static Routing is
Enabled, but getting into that produces this message:

"Unrecognized keyword in "Net 0 Gateway <sonicwall ip> Metric
1 PassiveNet 0 Gateway <same ip> Metric 1 Passive"

Also, neither board has NAT enabled when you go into the "Expert
TCP/IP Bind Options"

If the Proxy is bypassed everything works great, so there would not seem
to be anything wrong with the actual DNS servers - and MOST things work
just fine...PUZZLED This started a couple weeks ago after more than a year
on this fairly new system.

Thanks for further suggestions
Frojon Banwell