I have an OES 1 SP2 Linux server fully patched up and running QuickFinder.

It is exhibiting two bits of behaviour that I cannot work out. Both of
which make it unusable. This is a shame because apart from the rights-
based stuff it is a simple/convenient search solution.

1) If I set up a file system index to index files on a local NSS volume
with the "Authorization Checking" set to "by Index" using a file /var/lib/
qfsearch/docs/index.html I do not get the search results I'd expect based
on the permissions on the file. If I assign a LUM-enabled user ownership
of the file and set the mode to be 660 then only _that_ user can see the
search results for that index. If I set the permissions to 664 then
everyone except someone who has not authenticated can see the search
results. That is all to be expected. If I set the ownership to be novlwww
and the file's group to be a group which the LUM user is a membership of
they cannot view the search results. I.e. when checking rights based
access to the index through a specific file it seems to be ignoring the
file's group. Of course we cannot really generate indexes per user, we
want access to be group-based. We also don't want unauthorised people
seeing all the search results.

2) Also if I try and log in as a LUM enabled user who is NOT a member of
the www group to https://serverIP/qfsearch/admin I get rejected (no
matter what case I enter the user ID and regardless of whether I enter
the userID only or the fully distinguished name). That's as expected.
However if I login _first_ to https://serverIP/qfsearch/login as the same
user and then I type the https://serverIP/qfsearch/admin URL in the
browser I am granted access to the QuickFinder admin page and have full
rights to do _anything_ I like to the indexes including deleting them for
instance. The user I logged in as doesn't even need to be LUM-enabled for
them to have full access to the administration interface.

Can anyone confirm the same behaviour? Better still can anyone recommend
how to resolve these two issues?

The whole reason I had for using QuickFinder is because I felt it should
be well integrated with eDirectory and the NSS file system. However I'm
wondering whether an alternate search engine might be a better option.
Has anyone had experience of setting up a search engine on OES to search
files on an NSS volume and is able to fully control access to the search
results and content based on the NSS trustees?