I'm really starting to hate this application.

I was told there were issues with using Netware Administrator to create new
(to do with Unique ID apparently) Fine.

However there are some issues that arise which makes creating users with C1
a PIA.
At first glance, the process is very similar to NWAdmin, however the results
differ markedly.

1) We use a persons first name and Last Name as their login, unless their
is a conflict
with an existing user, in which case we either revert to first initial last
name or add
a middle initial.

C1 insists on using the users First Name to name their directory and
(apparently) as this so
called 'unique' ID which makes it very non unique.
In NWAdmin, using the same template, it uses the login name to name the

2) When I tick the box to get it to add their email address, it adds it
alright. The mailbox
name is also just the first name, the email address it creates is
which is essentially useless of course.

After the user is created I have to go and rename the mailbox and manually
slap it around to get it to use the
username@internetdomainname as the email address. Considering this is how
GW is configured, I have no idea why
this silliness is happening. If I create a user with NWAdmin, yes, I have
to create the mailbox afterwards with
C1, but it correctly uses the loginname for the mailbox as it should and it
uses the system defaults ie(username@internetdomainname) to do so and I
don't have to mess with it afterwards.

I have a whole swag of users that have no UID (been there for 10 years or
more when it was NW4.11) and apparently this will lead to problems with
OES/Linux systems, so is there an easy way to create a UID for these users?
In bulk would be nice.
IF so, are there any additional issues with using NWAdmin to create users?

I have no interest in using iMangler to manage users, it's slow, cumbersome
and painful even when it's (mostly) working



Geoff Roberts
Computer Systems Manager
Saint Mark's College
Port Pirie, South Australia
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