Hi there,

I have recently set up a Novell Teaming server and have added a test workspace with a discussion forum. We have a Novell Groupwise server and I followed the documentation re: integrating Teaming & Groupwise. I added a Groupwise resource 'admindisc' and in the teaming interface associated that address with the discussion forum I created. I then posted to the discussion forum through the teaming interface as a user and all worked well - group members were notified of a posting via Groupwise.

Next I tried a posting to the discussion forum via Groupwise (email from a user account to admindisc Groupwise resource) - this worked, and it appeared in the teaming discussion forum - however every 15 minutes (the time the teaming server polls the Groupwise resource for new posts/emails) it re-posts the same email. Hooking into the resource I see the email sitting in it's inbox with a line through it. Any idea what's going on? Is this a setting that needs changing on our Groupwise server?

teaming connects to groupwise via IMAP.
I used the latest available teaming version from download.novell.com