Iím new and looking for consultation Ö

I have Novell Netware 6.5 with sp7. Clients running under DOS, Windows 95-98-Me-XP-Vista.

Server codepage English, station codepage Polish

Because of old clients utf8 encoding (windows9x clients donít support UTF8) was disabled.

Now want use utf8 on clients side (vista client havenít option to disable UTF8) and starts problems witch invisible files and folders Ö
I did try solve it in testing environment by:
1. Change server codepage from cp850 to cp852 (polish) in startup.ncf.
2. Change l_config for Polish.
3. Use the NSSCPT utility to correct invalid filenames and directories.

After this operation utf8/non-utf8 clients are able to works good Ö looks like all problems gone.
Now I prepare to apply this solution to production environment but Iím not sure of this solution.

Is this method good or maybe someone have better?