Once on a while, our backups fail because the Snapshot volumes are not
created (by a batch file that runs about an hour prior to the backup).

We'd love to modify the NCF that creates the SV volumes to check itself
-- basically (in DOS script), "IF EXISTS FILE, GOTO END, ELSE (repeat
SNAP process)".

The scripting commands in Netware, as I see them (TID 3136456) doesn't
have the ability to do this kind script -- certainly there is no "GOTO"

I've played around with some BASH script on this, using "DO-UNTIL"
commands, but if the process hangs then a restart of the server is
necessary(?) (I abended the server twice HARD and hung it once while
trying different ideas).

Any ideas? Coolsolutions I haven't seen yet? Maybe a JAVA idea?

Tim Wohlford