We are running iPrint in clustered environment for a couple years and everything is working pretty well. However I am seeing my SYS volumes of some of the nodes running out of space. I find that the space is getting burned up by the sys:\ndps\ipp folder which is full of printer drivers. Obviously I have a clustered volume for the broker and ndpsm, I did some searching on the knowledge base and found why I am seeing these folders show up on the sys volume in TID 3281477, which states:

Since 2005, a significant change has been implemented in the way printer drivers are made available to workstations running the iPrint client. The first time a printer is requested to be installed by an iPrint client, the driver is copied to the Print Manager. A copy of the printer driver is placed on the server that is hosting the Print Manager. Subsequent requests by iPrint clients for the driver (requests initiated by an iPrint printer installation) will not communicate with the Broker. Instead, the driver is provided by the Print Manager's copy. You can view the Print Manager's repository of drivers at:

NetWare: [VOL]\ndps\ipp\drivers
Linux: /var/opt/novell/iprint/mod_ipp/drivers/

Within the drivers directory, you will see a subdirectory for each copy of the driver. Within each subdirectory, you will find a file named ndps.a. If you rename that file to ndps.zip and open the zip file, you will see all the files expected for a printer driver. (NOTE: If you go through that renaming exercise, be sure to rename the file back to it's original name.)

Changes to the the Broker's RESDIR copy synchronize with the Printer Manager's copy. For example, if you remove or update a driver in the Broker's RESDIR, that change will be pushed to the Print Manager's copy.

That is great but I have a couple of problems now. First what happens if the print manager is running on a different node that the one that has the copy of the print driver? How do I move these to the clustered volume and what do I have to do so that print manager know where they are and creates future copies on the cluster volume rather than the sys volume? I can find anything in iManager that would let me specify a different path for this.


Jeff Blomendahl
University of Kansas Medical Center