I have a customer running NW65sp7.
On server just having the broker, and some other servers running

When installing new drivers via iManager on broker everything works
fine, but when trying to update a driver that exists the server
In iManager it starts updating the driver, but in the end of that
process youŽll get an error message stating:
Exception saving resource print drivers configuration

And then the server abends.
It doesnt write anything in the abend.log, but insight manager reports
the folowing in its log:
Fatal Exception (Number 14, Cause Abend: Page Fault Running Process:
RManSrvr 421 Code executing in module UNICODE.NLM v7.0 at offset +730h

Tried using iManager on other server, and iManager Mobile.
Checked the dates on NLMs stated in i TID on knowledgebase.

Any ideas?