I originally installed ZCM on a SLES 10 SP1 machine and things seemed to
be working fine. I later added OES2 to it and things seemed to be
working fine.

Yesterday I noticed that when I went to https://zcm/zenworks-setup the
page came up where I could choose the agents and tools but when I tried
to click on them, IE would just say there was an error on the page. I
got around that by using SCP to copy the stuff I wanted directly off of
the server to my workstation. I thought that maybe restarting the
server was needed but hadn't done it yet. If I went to https://zcm it
would bring up the login page for ZCC and I could login just fine.

Today one of the guys said that pressing Control-Alt while workstations
are PXE booting isn't bringing up the menu any more. I decided to
restart the server at that point. Now Control-Alt still does nothing
AND https://zcm/zenworks-setup gives me Object not found! If I try
https://zcm it takes me to the OES2 startup page where I can get into
iManager, etc. It appears that the configuration for ZCM's web pages is
now gone. I can't get in to see anything at all. I went into
/etc/apache2/ and did a grep -R zenworks * and found nothing.

I still need to upgrade to 10.0.2 (still using 10.0.0-1 according to rpm
-q novell-zenworks-core-server). What should I do? We're not using it
in production at this point. Should I just make a 10.0.2 disc and
install from scratch? There is only 1 workstation in the db right now
and it is for testing only. If I'm going to just install 10.0.2, how
would I do that? Do I need to remove the previous install first? If
so, how does that happen?

Sean Eckton