I have 3 (three) NetWare 6.0.2 SP5 servers and 1 (one) NetWare 6.5 server. I want to know how to update the N/W 6.0.2 SP5 to latest SP if any.

I am running eDirectory SP5 as well on all three N/W 6.0 servers and wish to upgrade that to a more current version obviously. I would appreciate some assistance with all.

These are the modules running on the N/W 6.0 SP2:

C1RPTING 1.3.3
CONSOLE1 1.3.6
EDIR 86.0.2
eMFrame 1.2.2
iManager 1.2.2
iMonitor 1.5.1
LDAP 86.0.2
LIBUP 6.01
NAAS 1.0.3
NDS8 86.0.2
NICI 2.6.4
NICIUO 2.6.4
NLS 5.0.3
NMAS 2.3.0
NTLS 1.6.0
NWWebadm 3.6.1
NWWebSrv 3.6.1
PKIS 2.7.0
PORTAL 2.2.0
PortRes 1.0.1
SAS 1.7.5
SMS 1.0.9
SPACK 6.0.5
WANMAN 1.0.2

I have not updated eDirectory in a long time and need to know correct path to updating it so that all servers are with current SPs and a more current eDirectory.

I will appreciate any and all help in getting my systems updated.

Te old adage, if it is not broken do not fix, was and is applcable but I am not sure if it is the correct thing to do these days.